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What is the Metaverse?

If you don’t live in a forest far from the world and technology, you’ve probably heard that Facebook has changed its name to “Meta”. This change will alter the future of the company to “What is the Metaverse?”; this is an indication of the intention of everyone to invest in what they ask each other.


Since 2004, Facebook has transformed the cultural landscape and become the world’s most recognized digital platform. Today it is among the world’s most recognized brands. The Facebook brand lived in our minds with a white “F” on a blue background, and we never thought that would change. However, as of 2021, Facebook has shocked the world by rebranding and even changing its name.


Facebook and its switching from Instagram’s increasingly criticized content to Meta by completely abstracting itself shouldn’t really come as a big surprise. But this change has shaken the world because society is now familiar with virtual reality and very soon this will be the new normal.


What can we really expect from the Metaverse as we enter 2022? Will this change the way businesses operate?

”Now we are all connected to the Internet like neurons in a giant brain.” Stephen Hawking
Meet the Metaverse!


Meta has a new vision. “Dec” is about bringing its users together by providing a virtual environment where they can chat with colleagues, go to a conference or hang out with friends anywhere in the world. Sounds like something straight out of The Matrix or a second-rate sci-fi movie from the early nineties, right?


Get to know the Metaverse!


The term Metaverse was first introduced to the public awareness by the novelist Neil Stephenson. In his book Snow Crash, Stephenson refers to two parallel worlds, physical reality and online reality. This virtual world was called the “Metaverse”. In the novel, the real world is dominated by huge corporations that privatized all sectors of human existence, while the Metaverse is dominated by corruption and danger. Thus, Facebook has essentially transformed itself into a sci-fi-like reality and on the other hand, it has become synonymous with corporate democracy around the world.


Its name comes from the Greek word μετά. Meta also means a kind of “beyond” metamorphosis, and conspiracy theorists like this concept. That is, the Meta- and Metaverse refer to a digital reality that exists right next to or beyond physical reality.

Does Meta focus on creating a kind of virtual reality that provides us with something useful for our world?

“By 2030, this next-generation technology will allow users to teleport from one place to another without getting up from their seats, and this will apply not only to gaming and entertainment, but also to business.” said Mark Zuckerberg. Now Facebook has rebranded as Meta, a company with a clear vision to create a Virtual Reality-enabled Metaverse.

So, let’s get back to the question at hand: Does the Meta provide us with something beneficial by focusing on creating a kind of virtual reality in our lives? Absolutely!

I’m working with Metaverse!

As a working environment, Metaverse brings the following advantages:


Solving Remote Work Problems:

There are many problems in remote working due to the fact that employees in the workplace do not fully understand body language through Zoom calls to managers who are not able to follow the workflow properly. The Metaverse will offer an immersive virtual workspace where avatars can work side-by-side in one place. Yes, it sounds like science fiction, but soon it will be the reality.


Solve Problems in 3D:

Dealing with the problems in the workplace may be difficult, especially when these problems are visual. Consider the architects who created the building mock-ups. With this in mind, the Metaverse provides a 3D space that can create a 3D model of almost everything, enabling smarter decision-making.

Thanks to the Metaverse, the space in an office is no longer limited. Need a new office? Simply add an extension to the space you have.


Goodbye to Hardware Addiction:

This is how you increase productivity! Employees will have digital workstations that reduce unnecessary expenses such as conference equipment, whiteboards, projectors. In Metaverse, you will be able to create entire virtual conferences and meetings with only a fraction of the investment you need. In the real world, all you need is a cloud. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?


So will the Metaverse change the way we work?

Undoubtedly, the benefits are talked about, but will everyone embrace this new virtual world? Only time will tell. You can add your thoughts in response to the bottom of this article.

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