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Programmatic Buying

Programmatic Purchasing is the most popular among today’s digital marketing models. Thanks to this model, the entire internet universe has been brought together. Here hundreds of websites, adexchanges, adnetworks can come together to advertise in the entire internet universe. For targeting carried out in all inventories, data publications, user-oriented publications through cookies, behavioral targeting and interest-based advertisements can be displayed. Compared to traditional purchasing, you don’t have to spend money on advertising online just by showing your ads to the caller or relevant target audience.

Our Mission is to drive profitable revenue growth and market expansionfor your brand

Our experts do performance marketing. We create smart growth strategies and turn passive leads into loyal customers.

Benefits of programmatic advertising

It Reduces Costs, Shortens Operational Processes and Makes Efficient.

There is no human-based process as in classical media buying processes. Among all the DSP offers, the most optimal offer for the publisher is published automatically and in a very short time.

Data from All Channels, Collected in One Place

Data from more than one advertising network, or even data that only provides data (3rd party data providers) are collected in one place. This gives you the chance to combine all the data and process it.

Provides the Opportunity to Work with Multiple Platforms

By working with more than one advertising network, it gives the chance to earn more income in a highly competitive environment.

Buy Option by Ad Visibility

According to the IAB’s display advertising standards, at least 50% of the image must remain on the user’s screen for at least 1 second for an ad impression to be considered “visible”. The programmatic infrastructure reports to the advertiser how much of the impressions it receives are seen by real users. An advertiser who wants to make sure their ads are displayed can purchase not only impressions but also viewable impressions.

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How does a programmatic advertising agency work?

We run results-driven digital performance ads and grow your business with the highest-performing programmatic advertising at the lowest cost.

What are the advantages of working with a programmatic advertising agency?

Programmatic advertising agency ; Seizen Digital Reduces Costs, Shortens Operational Processes and Makes Them Efficient. With programmatic advertising, data from all channels is collected in one place, and thanks to data-driven ads, the Seizen digital marketing agency increases your sales.

How can I increase my sales with programmatic ads?

Our programmatic advertising specialists increase sales with options dec targeting demographics, behaviors, interests, geographical locations and programmatic advertising campaigns where you can use cross-device targeting and accurate analytics.

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