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What is PPC? (Pay per click)

The basis of PPC advertising is cost-per-click. Advertisers pay publishers for clicks. PPC ads are not just Google ads. You can also collect your ads on social media or other platforms under this heading.

In addition, it may not be correct to limit the concept of PPC ads, the PPC ad model, to only CPC (pay-per-click) ads. We can characterize the concept of PPC as a broader concept. For example, you can advertise with CPA (cost per action) or CPM (cost per Mille) or CPC (pay per click) model in advertising campaigns you create on Google or Social Media. But on top of that there is a paid advertising system. Therefore, it may be more accurate to take the concept of PPC ads more broadly and define them as Paid Ads.

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PPC Channels You Should Try

Google Ads - Microsoft Ads

Facebook PPC Ads

Instagram PPC Ads

Display Network Campaign - Youtube

Why PPC?

Google, Bing and Yahoo, plus social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. It is a form of promotion where advertisers create ads, choose when and where they should be displayed within the search engines (Search PPC) and/or their network of advertising partners (Display PPC), which audiences should see them, and then choose how much they are prepared to pay for each click that their ads generate.

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Seizen Digital whatever your goals, our Search and Display PPC take your campaigns to the next level. We will ensure that your ads reach their audiences and that your paid traffic converts well to achieve the best possible ROI (return on investment).

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