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Conversion Optimization (CRO)

Conversion optimization is a set of studies aimed at increasing the realization rate of your business goals through analyzes and tests by directing your visitors to take the actions you wish.

Foreseeing what the effects of the changes you will make on your site will be or make untested changes to the site according to your feelings is not in line with the scientific method.

Seizen creates various test scenarios by analyzing the data collected on the site in the conversion optimization service. These test cases are then ranked based on factors such as potential impact, ease of implementation, and severity.

Then, controlled tests are developed and published, and only the effect of the change is seen, regardless of such factors as traffic source, seasonality, campaign changes. In order to ensure that the positive results are permanent on the site, the results at the end of the test are analyzed and reported.

In each test, there is a possibility that the variation tested will not produce the expected effect, but this does not necessarily mean that the study has failed. As test results are analyzed, these outputs become important data for subsequent tests, increasing the percentage of positive results in subsequent tests.

Social media ads, on the other hand, require expertise to be manage because of the large numbers of channels, each channel appealing to a different target audience, offering different options from content to format, and constantly developing new advertising areas.

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and networks with millions of users we haven’t heard of, one of your own team members. Cannot take on the advertising job, you cannot transfer it to an agency without digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a dynamic field where you need to constantly follow innovations, create strategies that will deliver your product or service to the right target audience, and develop your campaigns. Not only advertising, but also very good performance tracking and instant optimizations, are must dos. You need to effectively use conversion-oriented social media marketing.

Our Mission is to drive profitable revenue growth and market expansionfor your brand

Our experts do performance marketing. We create smart growth strategies and turn passive leads into loyal customers.

Data Measurement Infrastructure

Data Measurement Infrastructure: A document is prepared that transforms your goals and KPIs into dimensions and metrics to determine what data to collect on your site. In this step, a customized web analytics framework is drawn according to your business model and necessary applications are made to collect the determined data.

Tag Manager

Google Analytics

Google Optimize


Analytics and insights

Analysis and Forecasts: Then, the collected data is analyzed and inferences are made that will help your business decisions, increase your advertising performance and be used in developing hypotheses. Quantitative data from facilities can be used alongside on-site inspections and usability testing. Insights can range from basic ecommerce funnel analysis to field analysis.

Testing and Hypothesis Development

Testing and Hypothesis Development: Potential test scenarios for the field are created by blending the analyzes made and the inferences obtained from the experiences of our experts. Then, these tests, which we score according to our test framework, are prioritized and a roadmap is drawn. Thus, we will have a system that is highly effective, easy to implement, and where we can reshape our future roadmap according to prioritized tests.

How is Conversion Rate optimization calculated?

The conversion rate is calculated by taking the ratio of the visitors who perform the action that the brand determines as a conversion on the website or landing page, to all the site visitors who visit that website or page.

Does Conversion Rate Optimization contribute to SEO?

Conversion rate optimization does not directly contribute to SEO. It indirectly contributes to your SEO processes by allowing you to know and understand your customers better, provide them with a better and safer experience, and get more customers with less budget.

What are the biggest mistakes encountered in Conversion Rate Optimization processes?

The majority of the errors observed in the process are due to not proceeding with a data-driven approach. You need to suspend intuition and guesswork in the conversion optimization process and move forward with data. Ending the tests before reaching a sufficient number of samples, performing the tests without creating equal test environments, and performing the tests without segmenting the users correctly are among the common mistakes.

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